Create Modern Websites using NextJS

NextJS WordPress website is a great option for businesses and individuals whole are looking for a fully-featured modern design super fast website which is SEO efficient. In today’s approach, this isn’t too much. You can get the speed from NextJS and stability from headless WordPress. 

Although you may assume that you are dealing with several updates that are fully static. In this case, rendering will take too much time. With the freedom NextJS offers with the server-side or client-side rendering, SSR (server-side rendering) becomes more important than SSG (static site generation), and that’s what Next.js is excellent at.

Modern Website Requirements

If you ask a business or a person who is looking for certain things on their website or a request from the marketing department or content writers, you can create a wish list. Although this wish-list is based on the facts and the user’s requirements, and requirements of the digital industry and changing market trends. 

Every web development platform and agency looks forward to satisfying the clients with their requirements and wishes. 

  1. The website should be faster, it should load on the client’s browser in less than 3 seconds. 
  2. The interface should be Friendly with a greater user experience.
  3. Hosting service should be reliable and less costly
  4. Website structure should be very organized with clean code, easy metadata management. 
  5. Easier crawlability by Google for higher SEO ranking.
  6. Compatible with the core web vitals.
  7. Fast transitions like using a native mobile application
  8. The website design should be modern and have depicting good images, illustrations, icons, animations, and videos. 
  9. The Website should be easily manageable by businesses where they can add products, modify content conveniently. 
  10. The content should be able to get updated frequently
  11. Content on the user side should be up-to-date at all times.
  12. The website should be highly scalable and portraying the future increase of traffic and services or enhancements.
  13. Requirement of Real-time publishing support especially the multi-user sites need this facility.

This list can go long, but you can call it as moral of the client’s story.

Modern website Technology Stack

You can differentiate your modern stack web stack from the Jamstack architecture, but overall it would remain the same as it will be using a Javascript-based framework for frontend, headless CMS for backend, and APIs to create the integration and connectivity. 

However, the modern website should be based on each modern framework and connectivity to seamlessly adding features to the website or web application. 

  • Next.js - a ReactJS framework used for creating blazing-fast websites along with the option of server-side rendering and client-side rendering, making it easier for people to find your site on the web.
  • Tailwind CSS - a modern CSS framework that allows you to create the prototype and style your website quickly. 
  • GraphQL APIs - modern Query language for APIs, working on the runtime to fulfill the queries generated. 
  • Headless WordPress - Using the most trending CMS as headless CMS by making it decoupled from the theme system.
  • Git Repository - Pushing the code using a repository system like Github or Gitlab to connect the website code with the hosting service. 
  • Hosting via CDN - Host the website using the content delivery network with is a continuous delivery channel for publishing. 

Best use of NextJS

NextJS can be used to create every kind of website with different purposes, industries user requirements, and goals. But still, we believe that in some cases when it comes to benefits, features may turn to perfection.

You can use NextJS if you want to build websites like;

  • Large multi-user websites as explained earlier
  • (SPA/MPA) Client-side rendered applications 
  • Large scale eCommerce websites
  • Web portals
  • B2B
  • SaaS websites
  • Finance websites

NextJS Theme 

NextJS themes portray the modern style themes with frontend designed using the NextJS and backend on headless CMS like headless WordPress. The modern NextJS WordPress themes have also been created using the same technology by Stackground. 

You can create a modern NextJS website using these pre-built templates with SG headless builder in-house created to manage everything on one platform. 


The goal of creating a modern NextJS website is to showcase skills in the best possible way. It portrays a modern framework used efficiently and effectively showing the tech interest of the business. 

The website usiTailwindind CSS for styling shows the modern approach and enhanced work with a CSS framework and cut down on styling time. The granular components each serve their purpose. The refined folder structure is simple and easy to understand.

You can customize your website in any way you like by headless WordPress admin panel which is an open-source platform.


  • Next WordPress themes

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