Create Modern Websites with GatsbyJS & headless WordPress prebuilt templates

What can you do to build a technology stack for building a website that doesn’t slow you down and lock you in with the limitation of design? It starts with choosing a flexible system of technologies that can be scalable with the business growth and your requirements change.

Jamstack Websites using Gatsby and Headless WordPress

Web stacks are sets of technical tools consisting of four things:

  • An operating system
  • A webserver
  • A database software
  • Coding for both the frontend and backend

Frontend using GatsbyJS

Gatsby.js is a free and open-source framework that integrates with other popular front-end frameworks and helps developers create web applications faster. Gatsby is powered by GraphQL and it generated static sites, unlike other frameworks it renders on the server. 

In this way, Gatsby is a liaison between the frontend and headless CMS, data system. The function of SSG is to keep the website faster, secure, scalable, and yet customizable. 

Gatsby can pull data from any source, and any headless content management system. Herein we will be using headless WordPress that is most convenient for using the latest technology and traditional WordPress admin panel.  

Backend using headless WordPress

The headless CMS is the future of web development, and WordPress has always been the market leader for building fully dynamic websites. WordPress is open source CMS that has been empowering millions of websites. Headless WordPress has been used as a backend-only platform wherein you can manage content, and pages for the website. 

WordPress delivers content management and content taking while making the data available to other frontend technologies. APIs will rest on the backend to create a connection between Gatsby and backend headless WordPress. The only difference you will find here is the absence of the theme in your admin panel of WordPress.


Managing with GraphQL APIs

GraphQL APIs are used to keep the data updated at the front end using headless WordPress and data fetched by the Gatsby SSG. The APIs create a liaison between backend and frontend keeping the website secure and scalable. With JAMstack, you can build static pages, where more complex functionality can be integrated with APIs. GraphQL APIs access the content from the body, i.e. repository available at the backend, and sends it to the head.

Hosting via CDN

Gatsby WordPress themes can be established using Netlify since it allows you to go dynamic on your terms.  for when it comes to building NextJS sites. However, we suggest using Vercel for hosting, as it provides you a strong preview mode as well as a CDN-base that makes going from local code development, to preview, and then to production, quick and easy.

Modern Pre-built Templates 

The modern technology has been provided in an easier and customizable reach of the businesses and individuals by offering pre-built Gatsby WordPress templates for building faster, secure, scalable websites using GatsbyJS as backend and headless WordPress as a backend. 

Although it looks like both are opposite platforms, one following the concept of static sites and other fully dynamic websites using old stack, yet Jamstack technology has been able to use the benefits of both under one umbrella. 

Corporate and Business Themes 

The businesses and corporations look forward to building something greater and larger, yet easy to manage but market competitive design to justify what they are offering as service and product. 

They require a fully intact homepage, a well-established product, and service page, a blog or publishing page, a company portfolio page with an established team, and a contact us form page. These are just the basic requirements of the websites for businesses and corporates. CorpJam is one of the finest Gatsby WordPress themes that has been designed to meet the needs of corporate clients. Similarly, bizberry and Konsultancy are exclusive designs for businesses and corporates working in the services industry. 

Technology Themes

The technology industry offers more competition and businesses are keener about the website template and the platform used for building their websites. Some of the technology businesses are service-oriented like that of SaaS companies and some offer their products while there are more providing their consultancy and earning. 

All of them require a modern website and fully responsive faster web pages with PWA features. Saasclick and Saasflow are the perfect choice for the SaaS company’s website offering designs, services, blogs, testimonials, and much more. Similarly, Digiage is designed for the modern digital agencies that are also offering their services and consultancy under technology. 

Startup Themes

Why do you need something exclusive for the startup business? The answer to this question is very simple, you are offering something that no one else is offering and has ever offered. The startup has become a new industry and you will rarely find an exclusive theme for this industry. Stackground understands all such needs of the startup industry. 

Modern design, a complete detailing on services and products, about the company, their salient features, and much more is needed in the startup template and all that built-in Jamstack technology. Startfy fully justifies all the needs of modern startup businesses. Startup99 is another modern prebuilt jamstack template that has been exclusively designed using Gatsby and headless WordPress for meeting industrial needs. 


The website is your business catalog or face of your service and product, polish it with design, built with technology. This is the reason why stackground has built modern website templates using Gatsby SSG for frontend, headless WordPress for backend, and GraphQL. 

You will find several themes matching your needs and niche of the business like that of technology, consultancy, services, Saas, startup or fix the need with multipurpose themes. 


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