Enhance your Business with a Faster Website

The online business performance is measured by measuring the website performance. A fast website benefits the business with an excellent customer experience with your product and services. Many researchers have concluded that the recommended time for loading a web page for your business should not exceed 3 seconds. The longer the website takes to pile on the user screen, the worst will be the conversion and bounce rate.

Google ranking is so important to run and establish the businesses and negative user experiences reduce the ranking which down-grade your business. There are a number of factors involved in the performance of the website like mobile friendly, hosting, images on the pages and more.

The must consider the below-mentioned points to speed up your e-commerce website

  • Investigation of poor performance through website Audit procedures.
  • Changing the hosting of the website
  • Using a Continuous Delivery Network
  • Limiting the Web page size if and where required
  • Choose a refined technology like JAMstack technology.

Increase Conversion Rate with Easy Navigation

The website must have a secure navigation facility to achieve a higher conversion rate. The length of the procedure to buy a product or service from your website is very important as the number of clicks to make until the end. Lengthy process for purchase or login may increase chances of the visitor leaving the page without purchasing, making a payment or showing interest. Mobile browsing has increased dramatically as people search from mobile rather than using laptops or desktops. So, the website must be mobile-friendly, and it requires fast browsing on a slower network.

Fast Websites for better business

The speed is key to success, being the first launch in the market, speedy websites, speedy delivery, speedy sale and more. Many factors affect the website speed

  • Website Development Tool that has been used like Content Management System like WordPress, Static Site generators like Gatsby.
  • Technology followed by those tools, like JAMstack technology or monolithic structure.
  • The number of images, videos and content on the website.

It has been stated that usually, a visitor leaves the website if it has taken longer than 3 seconds in loading fully. Amazon claims that it can lose almost 1.6 billion USD from its revenue in sales each year if its website has taken a second longer than usual in loading. This is a trusted platform, but it shows you how a visitor may react on a slow website.

Monitoring on the Improvement

With all the factors involved like SEO, digital marketing, website technology and speed, business industry and more the optimization of the performance has always been the hottest topic. You must keep an eye on the competitors and your own business strategies to keep your online business going. Unfortunately, the business owners in the eCommerce industry regularly miss opportunities because of slow websites. The problem starts from the very beginning when choosing the platform for their businesses. With less knowledge of technology, they choose no-code platforms without investigating the factors mentioned above. Although no-code technology is the most trusted and trending method of doing business, developing apps and building websites yet you must see the reviews, the technology, the templates and the limitations involved by launches your business with them.

Best Practices to Enhance the Website Performance

There are some of the practices that are being followed by successful e-commerce businesses that can be considered as a smarter choice;

  • Using Google Analytics for enhanced Ecommerce provides great information about the pre-purchase behavior of visitors and the overall performance of the product.
  • How the online buyers search during their funnel of online shopping and how far they go in making a specific choice.
  • Which products are left in the cart and not finalized by the buyer?
  • There are several powerful e-commerce website platforms that include all the factors, like google analytics, SEO, product listing, performance and more. It is up to you as a business owner what you choose and how you are carry forward because it is an ongoing process, not a one-time job.



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