Build Jamstack website easily

A premium platform to create Jamstack websites like using pre-built Gatsby WordPress Templates for reliability, speed and security.


A premium platform to create JAMstack websites like using pre-built websites

New way to build modern stack websites

Build on Jamstack

The Front-end Gatsby static site generator has been isolated from the back-end WordPress Headless CMS and connected through GraphQL APIs.

20x faster & highly secured

The pre-rendering content served via CDN makes the website pages incredibly fast and secure with no direct connection with database.

Free hosting

It’s free to host through Netlify, Vercel and similar other platforms. Every time you push a change, a new version of the website is live within seconds.

Developing website has never been easier, faster & scalable

Pre-build on design system

Launch faster with ready-to-go pixel-perfect pre-made websites using a design system whether you are opening your business or a store.

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Scalable architecture

With the scalable architecture that is optimized to be fast and highly performant by having a good structure with well-written code.

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10X SEO traffic & conversion

Approximate load time of the website is only 3 seconds. So improve your user experience and bring 10x SEO traffic with greater user conversion ratio.

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Be ready as they blink
Be ready as they blink

Customize everything, no coding required

Customize your website appraise globally, per post type and individual page basic, control size and color, layout, animation and many more.

Visual editor

We are offering a very intuitive, easy to use admin interface wherein you are able to add unlimited sidebars, typographical changes, and much more.

Updates dynamic content

The functionality of a dynamic template helps you in making custom layouts for your content by using the builder and assigning them globally.


Facilitating you with more than 1,500 plugins including Google Analytics, Offline Support Services, and SEO making website development much easier.


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