Build modern stack website without coding

Build modern stack website through popular Jamstack technology. We have fully customizable pre-build templates best suiting your business needs.


The Gatsby SSG is the isolated front-end from the headless WP CMS back-end and both have been connected through GraphQL APIs for high security and speed.


The Jamstack bases its front-end on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and the file generation is done during the build process.


APIs are the key contributors providing the dynamic functionality to the static site like GraphQL that is connecting the two ends.


It’s the headless CMS where the APIs and the website structure can rest is managed and to handle async data interactivity.

10X Speed

A whole new technology for building websites that are promisingly delivering good speed, higher level of security and much better performance.

Faster websites

Because the static pages are prebuilt and served to your browser via a CDN, the time to first byte is minimized. Lots of functionalities that were usually processed in the back-end are now managed on your browser side.

Improve SEO traffic

Making the website more efficient in loading page time and also mobile-friendliness. The probability of getting a higher ranking of the JAMstack developed website than unresponsive and slower sites.

Increase Conversion Rates

JAMstack improves the performance to a greater extent in user experience and conversion rate. The speed and performance of the website is the key factor in converting visitors.

Secure with Microservices Architecture

A programming trend that replaces monolithic structures, it breaks functionality down into smaller groups.

Secure infrastructure

Higher level of Security: Firstly, the Database is absent making the static site extremely secure — For instance, it is immune to SQL injection and malicious hijacking.


JAMstack architecture decouples the front-end and CMS whereas the server-side processes are managed by APIs. Each service is flexible, robust, composable and complete.

Best developer experience

Developers can manage the code through version control. It helps in setting up continuous deployment wherein the website is updated as and when new content is pushed to git.

Headless CMS & Editor

A headless CMS is a back-end only content management system (CMS) that is built as a content repository making it accessible through RESTful API for its display on any device.

Faster and more flexible than traditional CMS

A back-end only CMS built as a content repository making the content accessible via APIs for display on any device.

Content serve via GraphQL API

Static site generator has been isolated from the back-end WPHeadless CMS and connected through GraphQL APIs. Also, it leverages the use of server-side microservice APIs to secure the websites.

Visual Editor

Intuitive and easy to use admin interface is available wherein cl able to add unlimited sidebars, typographical changes, and much more.

Progressive web apps

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app, built on modern web technology which behaves like a mobile app.

Mobile First - Behave Like Native Apps

Progressive Web Apps follow the approach of mobile-first That means the stores that have been developed with PWA will be equally functioning on mobile devices.

Conversion rates

The approximate load time of the website is only 3 seconds. To improve your user experience and bring 10x SEO traffic with greater user conversion ratio.

Engage to users

Similar to an app the PWAs are handy and fast with simple app-like navigation. A button of add to home screen, smartphone features access just like camera use, push notifications and geolocation tracking.

Static site generators

A static site is lighter and it can be hosted by any web server that can return HTML files. you do not need to install, manage or update anything else.

Pre-rendering content

JAMstack generates the website into a collection of static assets helping in serving your visitors with greater speed and lesser overhead from CDN.

Security and reliability

We should not be worried about the vulnerabilities because of the delegation of the server-side and database operations.

Fewer Server-side Dependencies

A static site is lighter and it can be hosted by any web server that is able to return HTML files. you do not need to install, manage or update anything else.


Efficiency and Effectiveness packed together in one package

Free hosting via CDN

Hosting through Netlify, Vercel, and similar other CDN platforms saves some real money and it’s free until you grow.

Easy deploy + updates

The Core updates will be pushed through Git; Every time you push a change, a new version of the website is live within seconds.


You do not have to handle the load balancer as there are no databases or servers and the CDN is able to manage the process of scaling.

WordPress vs Jamstack

Modern Stack

Modern Technology themes
End to end support
Theme install service Available
Hire a developer from community
Free support upto next 3 years


Old technology theme
Ticket support and talk to each author
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Paid support